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the confessions project

In February 2021, I reached out to my Instagram followers and asked them to submit anonymous confessions, with the promise that they may end up on the streets of Southampton for all to see.

The aim was to shine light on the deteriorating quality of communication between communities (sped up by lockdown), and to encourage people to be more open and proud about their thoughts/things that have happened to them which they may feel unable to share.

The desired outcome was for confessors to feel relived and excited by the idea of getting their secret out there for all to see. A bonus would be for the confessors to also feel more confident and open to sharing their woes in the future.


I also wanted the people who see the confessions to have a reaction. The reaction could be excitement/joy from seeing such a secretive taboo displayed in such a public place. Or the reaction could be more personal – perhaps they will relate to the confession, feel relieved that they are not alone, or be inspired to share their own.

12 of the confessions I chose to print onto stickers and stick around Southampton 

I chose one to write in large and hang above a dual carriageway that leads into Southampton, taking inspiration from football fan signs, in hope of maximum audience reach

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